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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fast Wireless Charging - Long life battery is very important for smartphone performance. That’s why long life battery becomes critical factors to be upgraded. The next problem is; the upgraded battery capacity usually needs more time for recharging. Users will need more time to recharge the smartphone to get its battery life full. Finally, this isn’t a bad dream anymore. There is a good solution to save time in charging: Galaxy Note 7 wireless charging.

Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wireless Charging

Fast wireless charging was introduced firstly the Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The fast wireless charging increased the power and speed by 1.4x and now Qi wireless charging pads will output 15w of juice, rather than 10w. This fact makes wireless charging much faster than ever before.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also brings a fast wireless charging pad which can recharge 50 minutes faster than old wireless charging technology. The feature of fast wireless charging on Note 7 and Note 9 is typically the same. The feature on both smartphone works the same way. The best part of fast wireless charging is, easy. Anytime you want to recharge your device, even in the very mean time, a matter of minutes while you are getting dress, or preparing your stuffs, you can recharge until it is full. Manually just drop the Galaxy Note 7 on the charger and that’s it. fast wireless charging kicks on and starts wirelessly charging your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Whenever you are ready to go, just take it just like that. No need to unplug any cables or anything else. Overall, the fast charging time also takes your short mean time to maximize the charging process. Your mobile phone is finally ready to go with you with full charged battery.

Few Samsung fast wireless charging pads have been released to give Samsung users more efficient charging time for Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This is able to charge any Qi capable device, and is backwards compatible with regular wireless charging phones from the past. The newer on is stands wireless charging pad which stands the phone upright. The point is, everyone wants the fastest way of charging as fast as possible. That’s why even without using wireless charger, Samsung provides a technology to make it faster to charge the Note 7 using the new USB Type-C port that is reversible and plugs in both ways, making I much easier than ever to plug in and recharge.