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Google Pixel Camera Review

Google Pixel Camera Review

Google Pixel Camera Review - The new smartphone from Google, Google's efforts to make Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel 4 C Android to show the best of Google, and that includes the staple for Imaging. Both the hardware and software side iPhone11,Google Pixel camera review has a few trick photography. But is it enough to meet the needs of your inner self?

The short answer is Yes — Google has spawned fotographic and a great video, experience pixel (XL I tested, but both contain the same camera hardware and software). Pixel camera photos quickly and easily, and automatically activated HDR + intelligence ensure even exposure throughout the frame in most cases.

Google Pixel Camera Review

Google Pixel Camera Review

The stability of video works very well, but to use the camera pixel you must learn to use it to get use to the maximum (mirrorless camera or DSLR, actually). Basically, google users average Pixel camera will be more than satisfied with the performance of the camera (and if you're curious about the whole phone, check out the full review) and not have to think about difficult settings.

For those looking for more details about the shooting ability of pixels, there is no better evidence than the pics, so let's see what the camera is capable of real-world scenarios in a shooting.

I really enjoyed the photo shoot street photography, using a smartphone pixel this, because it really fits to not attract a lot of attention to the people around. Aim of the road are also relatively easier, when light enters into the camera does not have a hard time with low light, as do all smartphone camera, because of the small size of their sensors relative to other types of photographic equipment including mirror less DSLR and hobby and pro cameras.
Google Pixel Camera Review
Google Pixel Camera ReviewYou can see from the Gallery google pixel camera has no problem at all with a photo of the road, in bright sunlight or bright conditions. These were all taken with the saved settings, which include HDR + feature is enabled by default. The colors are rich and balanced, without becoming saturated (to my eyes, at least) and even in direct sunlight, avoid the problems does not make something drastic when it comes to strong lighting or other effects resulting from the glare on the lens.

Likewise with close-up, macro photo-style shots, the camera pixel is good enough. You can see from the pictures above where it can really show fine detail at close range, even getting some subtle edge focus on photographic images.

Indoors, the pixels are still doing quite well in other settings, as you can see from the pictures below. In very low light, I found that the image was too heavy for the software, to capture an image, so that the final image has flaws that are clearer than you use for other smartphones, so look very heavy to be processed. It's a little disappointing from a Google pixel camera claims around DxOMark's rating and low light performance in particular, but this is the extreme conditions.

Indoor lighting is brighter, with 40w lighting with warm, like in the picture portraits and bright is good, you can see that the Pixel is the images that give a good picture. Basically in the camera pixel enough on average value a good smartphone enthusiasts, Pixel camera good.

Google Pixel Camera Review

Google Pixel Camera Compare iPhone 11 Pro

Out of Google Pixel 4 Camera Review there are Pixel3, you can see that there are three very capable camera in a smartphone, there are some differences of opinion about which one is the "best." iPhone 11 Pro provide more vibrant with bright colors for the field of light in the HDR and standard mode

Galaxy S10 is almost the same with Google Pixel in regard to balance the brightness of the light and the dark light, and tend toward the dark rendering with less brilliance. But it also tends to be better than the pixels, and have the capability of a much brighter, so the final image is good in pixel settings for my taste.