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Google Pixel Camera Setting

Google Pixel Camera Setting

Google Pixel Camera Setting - So what's so great about my Pixel? In addition to the premium hardware, such as a camera and processor, wrap the new software features that are useful Google pixel settings for everyday use. Read on to find out more.
This camera (mostly) awesome

As you can tell from the name, Google makes a big deal about my Pixel camera, and it's wonderful. It takes a picture that is even better than the iPhone 11 Pro, which I consider to be the reigning champion camera phones. If you want to fully to compare how both
Google Pixel vs. iPhone 11 Pro: which camera is better?

The Google Pixel Camera Setting quickly, the image in focus, and the colors look vibrant. Close-up images appear especially sharp and smooth. Landscape scenes maintain the amount of detail and depth, even with objects that are far away.

Google Pixel Camera Setting

Google Pixel Camera Setting

  • Tap the Google application Google device camera in camera. Learn places to find applications.
  • Tap the power button on the device twice
  • On the screen, slide the device key of the camera.
  • Say "OK, Google, just snap a photo". This action clicked the photo after a delay of 3 seconds.

Change Google Pixel Camera Settings

To change the way clicked the photo, tap the icon in the upper right.
  1. Use the camera on the back for the selfie Switch the camera
  2. Use automatic flash button flash
  3. Just snap a photo after the delay time countdown
  4. Take in more detail while outdoors or in a place with Dim lighting HDR Mode
  5. Add a line grid to help straighten out the Show grid
  6. Add filter add filter
  7. Slow motion video recording
If you have a cell phone, Pixel Pixel XL 5 x, Nexus, or Nexus 6 p, you can record a video slow motion.
  • Open Google apps the camera in the camera device.
  • Tap Menu Menu.
  • Tap Slow Motion.
  • To start recording, tap the record record.
  • To stop recording, tap Stop stop.
Tips: In all mobile phones in addition to Nexus 5 x, to switch between 120 and 240 frames per second, tap the button in the bottom left.
Google Pixel Camera Setting

Google Pixel Save Memory Space

If you want to save space on your phone or tablet, change the resolution of the camera. Photos and video of lower resolution takes up little space, yet have a lower image quality.
  1. Open camera.
  2. The next Menu Menu tap Settings.
  3. Tap Resolution & quality.
  4. Select the display mode.
  5. Tap the apsek ratio and resolution you want to use.
Tip: you can back up your photos and videos in an infinite number of Pixel to Google from your mobile phone photos. Learn about mobile phone backup pixels.
Disable location photos & video

When you clicked the photo or video Camera, Google automatically attach your location to help sort and browse photos. You can disable these settings at any time.

  1. Open camera.
  2. The next Menu Menu tap Settings.
  3. The "save location" switch to Off position.

Change settings of photos in quick succession

In the mobile Google Pixel, Pixel XL, or Nexus 6 p, you can change the way the camera using the photos in quick succession.
Google Pixel Camera Setting
  • Open camera.
  • The next Menu Menu tap Settings.
  • Tap Settings in quick succession.
  • To store more photos of photos in quick succession, the "Smartburst" switch to the Off position.
  • To make the animation sets of slides, collage, or photo GIF from streak, switch to "create creation automatically" to the Active position.
To view photos that have been stored, tap photo in the corner of the screen.
  • take photo
  • Clicked photos
You can clicked photos using Google camera.
Google Pixel Camera By hand
  1. Open camera.
  2. Point your camera and wait until the camera focus and capture the photo subject.
  3. To zoom in, pinch outwards on the screen.
  4. To zoom out, pinch toward the inside on the screen.
  5. To focus the camera and captures the subject photo, tap on the screen.
  6. In the mobile Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus and Nexus 6 p, 5 x, you can switch between the front and rear camera by turning the phone twice.
  7. Tap Take photo just snap a photo.

Google Pixel Camera With sound

Say "Ok Google, just snap a photo", or "Ok Google, take selfie".
Optional: go tell the camera waits before the photo clicked. For example, "Ok Google, just snap a photo in 12 seconds". You can tell the camera to wait 3 to 30 seconds.
Google open and clicked the Camera photos.

Google Pixel Camera With Android Wear

If Android devices Wear has been synced with your Android device, you can clicked photo with Google using the Camera watches as a remote control.
  1. Open camera.
  2. In watches, locate and tap the long distance.
  3. Touch the card to the camera.
  4. To take a photo, tap the shutter button on the watch.
  5. When the phone clicked photos, watch will vibrate and Flash.