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Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera

Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera

Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera - The kodak "ektra" is a 21-megapixel quick concentration camera sensor with f2.0 opening, and an industry driving 13-megapixel front-confronting camera with stage identification auto center (PDAF) and f2.2 gap. the custom assembled camera application is controlled by a natural haptic touch, SLR-style scene determination dial, where alterations are set aside a few minutes through a scope of settings including HDR; scene; representation; full scale; wear; evening time; display; and bokeh, in addition to a brilliant auto mode which auto-chooses the best conditions for your photos. in manual mode, more propelled clients can modify introduction; ISO; center; white adjust; and shade speed, with the outcomes being obvious on the screen as changes are made.
Spec Detaill Camera
  • 21MP main camera with Kodak non-reflective lens coating. Aperture f2.0.
  • Optical Image Stabilization and Auto Focus.
  • 13MP front-facing camera.
  • Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) & HDR Imaging.
  • 4K Video Capture.
  • Internal
  • Leading Helio X-20 Decacore Processor
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Memory, expandable with MicroSD cards
  • 4K Video Capture.

Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera

Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera

The Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera application is one of a kind to the Ektra cell phone, offering broad usefulness with a DSLR-roused client interface that offers commonality and usability for both photographs and video.

Opening your camera:

To open the application, do one of the accompanying manual:
• Touch on the Home screen.
• Press the camera screen catch most of the way to center and completely to take a photograph. You can likewise touch to take your photograph, and view the photograph by touching the thumbnail of the most recent caught photograph.
Kodak Ektra Smartphone Camera

Touch the Back Key (twice) or the Home Key to Close the Camera.

In the Kodak Ektra Camera review screen, tap on the symbol at the highest point of the screen to set up the camera. Touch to change the Choice, Camera and Video settings.

In the Manual Mode, you can scroll propelled components to make changes as you're taking the photograph and view the changes live. Utilize the dial to look through Exposure, Scene Mode, White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed and Smart Auto.

In the Kodak Camera settings, you can likewise choose: Face Detection, Auto Scene Detection, File Format, Self Timer, Picture Size, See Size, Face Beauty Mode.

Select Video mode by means of the mode wheel, in the Video settings, to set as takes after: Noise Reduction, EIS, Microphone, Sound mode, Video quality.

Touch to begin recording, touch it again to quit recording. In the wake of recording a video, touch the thumbnail of the most recent recorded video beside watch it. Touch to play the video.